Bugs and Errors

Errors on Games and Features

There has been some bugs and errors that are occuring in the website. Please refer to this for games that are down or not working.


Sniper Assassin Series are recieving technical difficulties and are not working during school. This bug will be fixed soon. *****Maintanence*****


Update Information:


Version 2.1

New Background Design!

Ads are still on, helping the website.

Game List is still beign updated.

The design is much more different. Will probably change banner/ logo since I really don't think it appeals.

Cooperating with even more websites!

Still around 6,000+ hits per day! Thank you everyone!



Version 2.02

Ads still on. Hope this isn't a big problem

Design Still the Same

Game List is being updated for easy access and convenience to find a game of interest

More cooperation with other websites.

Now about 6,000+ hits perday! Amazing!

Thank you all!


Version 2.0:

Membership disabled for not enough applicants.

Ads back on for some revenue. (This site is hard to maintain)

Version 2.1+ will be having a long delay, for most things are difficult, and the administrator is busy.

About 400+ hits per day, reached a 100,000 hit total count!





Version 2.0

Fixed Draw Play Black screen. Use Full Screen Mode


Version 1.9

Fixed the Avalanche Game by Full Screen mode addings.

Robot Unicorn Attack WORKS. Just some time to load on Macs.

Heli Attack 2 may not work at first, just appears as a blue screen. Refresh the page, and it should work.